You’ve inherited jewelry that you don’t wish to keep, you’ve found something else you’d like to acquire and have jewelry you no longer wear, you’re done with Victorian jewelry and want to collect Art Deco jewelry, your family has inherited a large diamond so splitting it in an equitable distribution is not possible unless it’s sold. There are many reasons to sell your jewelry. Finding the best way to sell it and to realize the most for is not easy. We’ve had more that 25 years in the jewelry business as a retailer, auction house representative, broker and consultant. We review your jewelry, advise a selling estimate and suggest ways that bring you the most for your item. From one piece to a collection, we provide the guidance you need.


Jewelry may break, a stone may be lost, sizing may be required, pearls restrung, or watches overhauled. We work with professionals who have been in the business of repairs for at least 25 years. If you need an updated design we can assist turning an unused and unloved piece of jewelry into a special item to be worn for many years.

Everything Else and More

Purchasing a new diamond or piece of jewelry? Is the item what the seller says it is? Does the price make sense?

Selling a diamond that needs a GIA Laboratory Certificate? We can order that for you.

Have a laboratory report, does the item match the report? We can check this for you.

Something damaged? We can prepare a loss value damage report.

Just ask and we’ll be pleased to assist you.